SEA BOX utilizes their expertise in container design and manufacturing to provide a versatile selection of Personnel Shelters for commercial or military functions.  Staying with the intermodal concept, these containerized shelters are easily transportable anywhere in the world.  SEA BOX's shelters are designed to maximise useable space while minimizing transportation costs.  We offer Expandable Shelters which can transport as a standard ISO container and then expand to nearly three times it's size when in use as well as Collapsible, Redeployble Shelters which are nine feet high when set up and fold down to a quater of their size during transport.  These portable structures can be fitted with energy-efficient insulated walls and ceilings, full electrical and lighting systems, environmental control units, and other interior and exterior enhancements such as personnel doors and windows, on-board generators and solar-panel platforms for virtually unlimited applications!


  • Fully insulated wall panel compositions for optimum energy-efficiency and reduced fuel consumption
  • Easily relocatable using the world’s intermodal transportation system
  • Quick, uncomplicated set up and take down procedures
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • “Plug-and-Play” design easily connects to existing utilities 
  • Sturdy, rugged, and able to withstand harsh environments